Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photo 101:MECHANICS class {part deux}

I getting ready to announce my 2nd photo 101 class so I wanted ya'll prepped and ready... if you're not on the mailing list yet - get on it TODAY.

My pre-registration announcement will go out to those on the mailing list first within the next week.

Also, I had quite a few people tell me they couldn't attend the last class for whatever reason but really, really, reallllllllly wanted to. So, I'm actually gonna give you readers a voice... tell me which day of the week you would prefer. Now, my last class was on a Tuesday so I'm not going to repeat that day and my Monday's are reserved for my family so, for now I'm leaning towards either a Thursday or Friday night. Leave a comment or message me separtely letting me know the day that works for you and I'll see what I can do.

After this next 101:MECHANICS class I will not be hosting another one for quite some time; I'm going to start focusing on building up the materials and content for my photo 102:CREATIVE class. So, if you want in then be sure to sign up ASAP when registration opens.

As a reminder, photo 101:MECHANICS will consist of reviewing gear, settings, terminology, lighting, composition, and most importantly just how to take better pictures (of your kids, pets, anything). If you now have one of those super fancy cameras and for some reason it's been stuck on Auto since you pulled it out of the box - or if you've attempted some of the other settings without the results you've wanted - then you should absolutely sign up for this class.

And don't let the name fool you, we will NOT be opening up our cameras to view the inner workings of the mechanisms, we will however learn the fundamentals of photography as well as different shooting styles, understanding lighting conditions and controlling the photography triangle (ummm yeah, you gotta take the class to find out what that is :-) Plus, of course what all those buttons, knobs, wheels and dials are for.

Also more info on the class can be found in previous posts HERE and HERE.


And what's a photo blog without some photos, huh? These are from my recent test model shoot - I loved, loved, loved the B&W versions of these photos as I was editing them so that's what I'm sharing with you now... ENJOY!


  1. I love how the black and white captured her beautiful eyes.

  2. Hi Michelle! I would LOVE to take your photo class. Can you email me some info? Price, day, time etc and I can see if I can join? Also, I have a SUPER basic digital camera, but would love to know how to better use it and in general, how to take better pictures of my family. Is this the class for me? Let me know! shireenisbrown@gmail.com


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