Saturday, March 20, 2010

Model Test Shoot :: SIM Agency

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to work with one of the 'new faces' of SIM Modeling Agency. Meet Miss Tori W! Gorgeous, fun, sweet and completely adorable! I also enlisted the help of make up artist Lakesha B for this shoot as well.

I was quite a bit nervous regarding the location I scouted - when we booked this session weeks ago the sun was setting a lot earlier in the day than it is right now. Well, simple fix... we just pushed the shoot time back by 2 hours and it actually ended up being absolutely perfect. And as you can see I was even able to bring out my lighting set up and got a few OFC shots. Note to self - buy a flashlight... shooting in pitch black presents a whole new set of issues... ;-)


  1. love the wardrobe and you are really defining your style. oh, and the ocf image in the dark is very cool

  2. Michelle!! Where did you shoot these?!?! We have a free photo shoot with Lindsey from Pied Piper Photography and I want to do something outside!! These turned out great!

  3. Jac - a dear friend of mine makes these headbands... she has an etsy site (although it's empty now) at

    Carly - I'll message you the locale...


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