Saturday, November 28, 2009

Taking care of business...

Don't know if you've noticed this yet, but at the top header I've added a link titled 'Interested in taking a class'? I've been giving this a ton of thought lately and after some "gentle" persuasion by persistent friends I thought I would at least put this out to the great world wide web. So, if you click on the link above it will take you to a quick poll/survey I'm conducting to see if there is much interest out there.

The Beginner's Photography Class would consist of reviewing gear, settings, terminology, lighting, composition, and most importantly just how to take better pictures (of your kids, pets, anything).

With the Beginner's Photoshop Class I can offer 2 types of focuses; Class A would consist of using Photoshop for photo editing and we would learn the basics to editing including layer masks, adjustments and enhancing. Class B would focus on using Photoshop as your design software for making invitations, announcements and digital scrapbooking - we would cover topics such as brushes, creating and using elements, masking and layer styles

In either class scenario experience is NOT necessary, nor is a high-end camera or the latest/greatest version of Photoshop. However, I must warn you now... I am not a trained teacher! I will probably get off topic, I will probably make up words on the fly and I most likely will learn something new from you before the day is over. Guaranteed. So go HERE and let me know if you're interested.

And since I just finished editing this family session I thought it's only appropriate to post a few more - other than their 'outtakes'.


and this one has just become a personal fav of mine... it's kind of sweet and simple!


  1. thank you so gotta love working with a daycare:-)

  2. Looks sooo good! Love the pics and I for one would love to take a class from you, Miss Talented!

  3. ooo lala! im loving the background!!!

  4. my MIL sent me a link to your blog because I am getting started in Photography and she loved some of your pictures. I was scrolling down and saw this family...then I realized. HEY I know him! He works with the doctor I work for. Small world. Great job on the pictures. I am sure I will see some next time he is in the office :) I love your work. Simply amazing!

  5. I am loving your blog...I was wondering where this location is? I love the truck and well, everything about this location.


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