Sunday, December 6, 2009

Slice of humble pie...

I have to admit, I'm slightly taken back by the OVERWHELMING response to my little survey question regarding a beginner's level photography & Photoshop class. I am so excited at the responses I'm getting that my head is literally spinning - like exorcism spinning - with plans and ideas and all sorts of good stuff for the classes. Things are in the works so definitely stay tuned and keep those responses coming... forward the survey link to friends, neighbors, anyone you think might be interested.

Through the survey I have received a few questions so I thought I'd use this blog to answer and update y'all...

Q: Would the classes be in-person or online?
A: Definitely in-person. I'm a hands on person and can work so much better if I'm with you and you can see me make weird hand gestures and point at things that I can't remember the name of or any other visually necessary classroom traits. It just makes more sense.

Q: How many people will you teach in a class?
A: I'm thinking for my first class go-round I'm gonna limit it to no more than 10 people, maybe even less. This really needs to be a hands-on and open Q&A forum so I want to be sure each person has time to ask questions, can understand the concept and can move on to the next. Any more than 10 and I'm sure this "teacher" might have an anxiety attack.

Q: Where are you located?
A: I personally am in Mesa (Arizona), but I'm not quite sure where the class will be held yet - definitely somewhere in the East Valley - Gilbert, Mesa or even Queen Creek. Could be in my home or maybe a rented facility type room?? All up in the air but that's what I'm working on.

Q: When and how do I sign up?
A: Awesome... you're ready to go... yay! The class most certainly will not happen this year... phew, I know... you're welcome! Let's get the holidays outta the way - heck you may even find a nice, shiny new camera from Santa and now you know just where to go to get hooked up with a lesson, or two. I'm thinking mid to late February at the soonest. In the next few weeks I will open up a mailing list/pre-registration list for anyone who is seriously interested. Stay tuned and be sure to get on the list for advance registration - remember 10 people or less per class.

Q: Will you let us know the cost before we sign up?
A: Heck ya! I'm no used-car sales guy... no offense... ;-) At this point it's looking to be about $50 per person for a 2-hour class. However, this may change between now and registration - but once I make the official announcement that will be the final cost; no changes, no hidden fees.

Now, let me remind you what this class is NOT. For photography: this is not a workshop, meaning an all day, live shoot with models and lecture and all that good stuff. If that's what you're looking for let me know and I'll point you in the direction of some good workshops. This also is not a class for those who feel like turning pro... right now. This is a class, however for those looking to capture better pictures, to get your camera off the Auto mode and into the Creative modes. If going pro is something you desire down, way down the road that's great. This will get you knowing your camera, it's functions and most of the technical mumbo-jumbo you'll need. For Photoshop: this can be a hands on class if you own a laptop or just an in-depth how-to class with lots of note taking and Q&A. I am self taught so most of what I will be teaching are things I have learned from trial and error.

So that wraps up the questions I have so far. If you think of anything else please do not hesitate to e-mail me directly.

And for kicks and grins I leave you with photos I took of a dear, sweet friend's baby shower... for this little guy.


  1. Michelle please save me a spot!!! This is my official request! I want to be one of your top ten!

  2. hi michelle.
    i came over from bluelily...i followed your link. :)
    what a beautiful family.
    beautiful blog.
    gorgeous photographs!
    you are super talented.
    i wanted to say hello tonight.
    have a super night!

  3. OH Meg how you've brightened my day... THANK YOU! I tried to find a link to your blog but, well, there was none so I hope you check back here to know that I adore you for stopping by and saying hi!! Yay... I have a new BFF in Kansas!

  4. Wait, never mind, I just found you... Yippeeee!

  5. the pics are as beautiful as the shower was! *sniff* i have the bestest friends!!!!!

  6. I am so excited you are doing this. I need my camera off auto mode like you said. :) Sign me up for sure. And my sister too.

  7. Michelle,
    I am IN! Put me in that 10 or less, first class of yours. Whenever. Wherever. I will be there! ;)

    P.S...Maybe you could whisper a hint into Santa's ear about that new camera for me! ;)


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