Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm addicted to sun flare!

They say admitting your addiction is the first step to recovery. Well, I don't know if one can fully recover from a sun flare addiction, or what type of 12-step program is out there, but I must say that a little sun beaming into a photo is pure heaven to me. So naturally when a client - or in this case a dear, sweet friend and fellow photog, Jodi D - wants a location with an open field and some of that beautiful tall grass then I just have to believe that they secretly want me to exploit that sun and use it up as much as possible. ;-)

Love you guys. Your family is beautiful. I'm glad we made this little arrangement happen.



  1. Oh my goodness those kids are so adorable. Love the sun flares too. Beautiful Michelle.

  2. Beautiful photos. Would you ever consider doing a few "how-to" posts about sun flares? You capture them so well!

  3. These pictures look fantastic. You make my yard look so nice.

  4. i love this place! would you be able to tell me where it is, i would love to takesome pics of my little boy there!!!


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