Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teeny tiny baby goodness | Mesa Newborn Photography

Seriously, I want one! I just about stuck this little nugget in my pocket to take home, but then I remembered... I LOVE MY SLEEP! There is actually quite a hilarious story about this little baby and my disorientated state of sleepiness... just ask!

You can literally count on 2 fingers the number of newborn shoots I've done so you can imagine when this mama had her baby I was ready to pounce... practically camping out in front of her house waiting to 'work my photo magic' on this little peanut. The mama did all the right things to make sure we had a perfectly smooth shoot. Baby bathed, check. Tummy fed and full, check. Eyes super sleepy, check. All the makings of a great newborn shoot.

I told the mama it would be a couple of days before I could get the sneak peek up on the blog, but seriously... look at this picture... I could not go another second without posting this delish pic!

Meet Miss Lyla...

I have a few more to edit and then I'll post more on the blog. For now, love on this one Mama!


  1. I am SO in love with this picture! You are amazing to capture such awesome memories, thank you!

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