Friday, February 19, 2010

Before & After :: vintage fun

When I took this picture I immediately fell in love with it. Now, remember art is subjective... I realize a photo of a sweet bride's chest may not always be your cup of tea, however it was a moment I was capturing. The necklace she made, her stunning dress, the beautiful bouquet... it was all workin' for me!

I kept my post process very light and simple. For these type of photos I almost always run the ProRetouch - pure awesomeness - and a quick dodge/burn. However, to get that warm vintage feel I set the mood with just a few actions, but kept their opacity pretty low as to not take away from the overall image. That is the key.

Remember this post... I am a fan of actions and I know that may rustle some photog purists feathers, however WHEN PROPERLY USED actions are a great way to speed up your workflow. So, my disclaimer will always be... please don't abuse actions to try to fix an already bad photo or worse, layer actions on actions on actions so that the mood, vibe, moment of the whole image is then lost.

So, there you have it... want more of these... just let me know! Got questions... well, hit me up on my new Q&A platform at

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