Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photography marathon | Mesa Family Photographer

What do you say to someone who emails you a week ago and says she wants to drive to you, from San Diego, for a family/newborn/kids photo session? You pretty much say 'you complete me!' And then you freak out!

Seriously though... this woman is top notch in my book. She and her hubby are both marines, however he is currently deployed to Afghanistan and is due home very soon. She, on the other hand, is running the house with their two kiddos and one just happens to be a 4 week old baby girl who's daddy is going to melt when he meets her. I have so much appreciation for her taking care of it all (not to mention giving birth without her man) ... I flip out when my hubs has to work 2 days in a row... I'm such a wimp!

Anywhoooo, so here is the fantastic trio! I'm beyond words at how flattered I am that she drove here to have ME photograph her sweet bunch! We first started off with the newborn session; her little angel was so good and peaceful and pretty much let me do whatever I wanted. Then we moved on to the session of the handsome big bro rockin' his dapper tux and barefeet - gotta love that! Then, we finished up the day trying to squeeze out of the kiddos every last ounce of patience they had to do ONE more shoot as a family. See, I told you it was a photography marathon! I'm exhausted just recapping it all.

Please enjoy the quickie sneak peek, mama!

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  1. AMAZING!!! My bro is seriously going to LOVE these pics, I'm so happy you could do this for them!


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