Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I've stumbled upon {v1}

Every once in awhile I'll come across some interesting and fun sites and naturally I must share these little nuggets with you, my peeps... ENJOY!

First off, this has got to be the coolest night-time, time-lapse video I've seen. It was created by Tom from Keep in mind that each 10 seconds of a time lapse movie typically requires starting with hundreds of photographs. One day I want to try this.... hmmmm, maybe during our yearly camping trip in the summer?

For all you digital scrapbookers out there... ever wonder what would be the right color combination to use when scrapbooking a photo? Or, have a picture of a room you want to recreate for your own but would like to know what colors to use? Try this site on for size... PICTACULOUS. You upload a photo and it "spits out" the appropriate color palette. Pretty cool!

And to appeal to the typography/design freak inside me a friend lead me to the site of Jessica Hische and her work is nothing short of AMAZING! So, I'm passing on the goodness to you... along with a site containing 65 popular and PROFESSIONAL free fonts. Now, I'm a font magnet... love 'em all, got 'em all. But I really gravitate to the tried and true, time-tested strong fonts; great typography is so important to me in the design process.

I have lots more goodies to show you, but I'll leave you with 3, really 4, for now.

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