Monday, December 21, 2009

Lost city...

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a dear, sweet friend and her family in a new location HERE - a hidden treasure for any photographer. After having only just a few minutes to explore and photograph the family before we lost all possible light, I knew a 2nd trip back was mandatory... too much to see and take in for just one visit.

On the 2nd trip back - which is only 35-40 min from my home - I got to see so much more. This really is a sort of 'lost city'. Abandoned and forgotten yet incredibly rich in our state's history.

Superior, AZ


  1. We should go on more outing to try and unveil little treasures in our state.

  2. Michelle where the heck is this? i love it!!!! Hey also i was wondering where that one place was you were telling me about where it is the foundation of the house and some walls but it is not a full house? do you know what im talking about?
    -Dani D


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