Friday, October 23, 2009

My celebrity BFF

I was thinking this morning about BFF's and how I love to surround myself with them. It's no lie (and you can confirm this with my hubby) that EVERY thing in my life is my favorite... I have about 25 pairs of my favorite shoes, every song I hear on the radio is my favorite, every thing I eat is my favorite, so it's no surprise that I consider all my friends my favorites. Literally.

So then I wondered, who would be my celebrity BFF. Maybe it was because of the time of day, maybe because I could hear her voice in the other room as I prepared for my lunch date with my newest BFF, but I think if I had to pick my true celebrity besty it would be one, Ms. Kelly Ripa. Some love her, some hate her (namely my mother) but I finding her completely hilarious with my kind of humor and wit. Mu-wha Ms. Ripa... I know we could totally be friends!


Who is your celebrity BFF?


  1. whooooa! um, totally humbled by this post and from lunch with you today! could it have gone on into the night or WHAT!

    and, bwah ha ha ha ha! totally could see you chatting it up with kelly! in my book, she's pretty rad! (total 80's word BTW!)

    oh and my celebrity bff...staying in photo world and going with tara whitney! ah...still haven't washed my shirt from the time i met her! LOL!

  2. my celeb bff would be reese witherspoon, i love how down to earth she is! and i LOVE kelly ripa. she's smokin!


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