Monday, September 28, 2009

A little secret...

I'm gonna let all ya folks in on a little secret of mine... yep, it's confession time! While some photographers need caffeine to stay up late to get them through the nights of photo editing (unfortunately I, however need caffeine to fall asleep - sad, but true - and no that's not my confession) I actually only need one thing... iTunes Radio set to the 80's Flashback channel called Big R Radio-The Wave. There, I said it... I'm a HUGE fan of all the alternative/retro/over-synthesized music of the 80's!! It's the one thing that keeps me going during my late-nighters. See, right now as I type this its the Bangels - Manic Monday... totally fitting!!

And because I just finished editing all these senior pics of my niece I'll leave you with one final photo...

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