Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look what I won... {Blue Lily Giveaway}

Take a gander at the sweetest little headband I won from a recent Blue Lily giveaway. You might remember the Blue Lily herself, Ms. Wendy, took our own family photos last fall.

This headband is completely adorable, super soft and oh so cute! You can find one for yourself over at My Sweet Sunshine.

But, just for a moment let's critique the "self-portrait", shall we.

REALLY? Why can't I have arms that just extend about another foot longer - no one deserves to see my mug THAT close up. I can now see that my eyebrows need some serious attention and YIKES, my hair! It's in dire need of a serious dye job. I actually started cracking myself up at just the thought of someone watching me trying to model for my own camera... pretty lame-o.

Any whooooo, thank you dear, sweet Wendy! I simply think the world of you - your kindness, generosity and impeccable style... pure awesomeness!


  1. You look amazing! What's with this rubbish that we don't want to see you close up- hmph! You are darling and I'm so glad you won it.

    PS- get a wide angle lens! hahaha.

  2. Hi,
    I am Alexis from My Sweet Sunshine and thank you for putting my Headband on your Blog :) A little birdy told me you did so today so I thought I Would check it out. If you ever want to do a giveaway just email me:


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