Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NEW FEATURE:: Monthly Design Freebies

Hello my fantastic friends... I'm so excited to share with you my new, fun feature on this blog called Monthly Design Freebie. These freebies will be of my own creation and can/will be of whatever strikes my fancy for the month. Feel free to download and use for your own personal usage... just please don't sell these as your own (pssst... you can commission me for template/design work that CAN be for commercial usage if you'd like... just so you know).

Any whoooo, this is January's FREEBIE... a Valentine's photo card. Sized to 5.25x7.25" with a .25" bleed area all around.

Go HERE to download the layered .psd file.

And, if you like what you see please, oh please let me know. Seriously, I would love to get your feedback letting me know if you like these features, what kind of goodies you want to see more of and of course it would be a hoot and a half and extra special to me if you would show me what you do with your download, how you used it as your own. If I get enough examples it just might be fun to show a collection of ideas and examples... ;-)

--Now for the fine print... please note the following before you download--
*All designs are created in Photoshop CS3. I do not have access to test these files in older/newer versions of Photoshop or with Elements.
*You MUST have some experience working with Photoshop in order to use these freebie files. I've made the layering ultra simple and organized, however there is no support or "helpdesk" here so download at your own risk. :-)
*Since these are free I will not be taking requests for modifications or changes... what you see is what you get... for reals, it's FREE!


  1. THANK YOU! I love it!!! I know how to use them, I just wish I could fully figure out how to create them! If you ever what to be a photography mentor let me know! I could use one ;)

  2. Hey April... so glad you like the template! I seriously have waaaayyyy too much fun making them... like the kind of fun that should be illegal in 17 states, but I digress. I'm always up for mentoring, but you should really get in on my mailing list for my upcoming classes as a starting point - it will be a great way to get a feel of how I shoot and some of my techniques. Thanks and much love!!


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