Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mark my words, I will get married... again!

OK, before the rumors start I do intend to marry my one and only sweetheart - Scott - again someday. Only when I do, we will of course be already married with a brood of our own so maybe it's more of a renewing of vows or something along those lines... what ever we do end up doing it will be followed by one spectacular party.

Ever since we were married some 10+ years ago I have been plotting and thinking and dreaming and wishing for the day when I would get to do it all over again, but only this time it will be the way WE want, where WE want and only surrounded by the most awesome best friends and family EVER. Now of course this is not happening anytime soon - I'm actually thinking closer to our 20 year - 'cause hey, I'm gonna need some time to plan this monumental occasion and to do it right.

Now it's known that I am not a wedding photographer but I can sure appreciate the real art of wedding photography and the true professionals that do it. So, I'll let you know right here and now that if one, Mrs. J* is still in the biz 10 years from now that it will be her that I stalk, oh I mean hire to be my photog. I lurve her...

Notice Mrs. J* is an Orange County, CA photog... why would I hire and OC photog, you ask? Because I'm totally getting {re}married on the beach. May sound cliche, but for this true, native California girl it reflects me and it's probably the one place in this world that our family would rather be at any given time, in any given season. I miss the beach!

So for now, I've got the place, I've got the photographer, hmmmm what else am I missing...?? Honestly, nothing because I would do this all tomorrow with just those two things if I knew all my friends and family could make it. However, since I know that alone will take 10 years to work out I might as well coordinate some other details that were completely overlooked the first time around.

So, when I do start all the fun planning I'm lov-ing these inspirational style boards... using pantone colors as a guide is pure genius and it speaks to my soul! This is what I'm loving... today...

{above style boards from snippet and ink}

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